Thursday, 29 December 2011

2011 ம் ஆண்டில் உலக ஆளவில் மிக அதிகமான கூகில் ஆட்ஸென்ஸ் வருமானத்தை பெறும் தளங்கள்

. Thursday, 29 December 2011

உலக ஆளவில் மிக அதிகமான கூகில் ஆட்ஸென்ஸ் வருமானத்தை பெறும் தளங்கள்:

1. Name:Markus Frind
Site Name:
Earnings- $300,000 per month
Site Content: Markus runs a profitable dating site

2.  Name:Kevin Rose
Earnings- $250,000 per month
Site Content:Kevin partnered with and runs several similar websites and ad programs.

3. Name: Jeremy Shoemaker
Earnings- - $195,000 per month
Site Content:Jeremy runs an online blog and gains lots of exposure through his success and envy.

4. Name: Jason Calacanis:
Site Name:Weblogs, Inc.
 Earnings-  $190,000 per month
Site Content:He started weblogs and is piggybacking on shoemaker

5.  Name:Moe Somani
 Site Name:Classified Intl. 
 Earnings- $185,000 per month
Site Content:Moe sold his retail clothing empire to become a popular tech guru and runs multiple classified sites and submission tools

6.  Name:Tim Carter:
Earnings- $30,000 per month
Site Content:Tim gives advice on building free of charge but support has him making money throgh adsense.

7.  Name:Joel Comm
Earnings- $24,000 per month
Site Content:Joel runs several niche sites

8.  Name:Shawn Hogan
Earnings-$10,000 per month
Site Content:Shawn is climbing up fast with his site and he left his job at McDonalds to start his own site after attending part-time at a local technical college


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